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Featured Portfolio Projects

On 29, Mar 2013 | No Comments | In | By Philia Beroud

It’s Reel – Showreel

If you like a little starter before you check out the real deal or if you only have 60 seconds left before your mouse gets distracted, this showreel is yours.
It highlights projects I commercially art directed, associate creative directed and concepted the last couple of years.

But let me introduce myself, my name is Philia Beroud and I am pleased to see you here.

On 29, Mar 2013 | No Comments | In | By Philia Beroud

Hot Wheels Secret Race Battle

Every Hot Wheels owner has imagined himself or herself racing a fantasy race. The Hot Wheels Secret Race Battle was created to bring the brand values to life in a memorable and spectacular way.

We organized a secret race in a classic building and invited online and offline fans to watch the ultimate race, in which we moved from reality to a rocking fantasy world.

The event featured four of the fastest Hot Wheels race cars who shattered the facade of Customs House Sydney, the notorious green skull hosted the thrilling stunt race…with finally one winner passing the finish line, deep down the race track. Get set, ready for it let’s go!

On 29, Mar 2013 | No Comments | In | By Philia Beroud

Drawsome intern

To attract new talented interns for the agency that we could really picture working with, we used the popular mobile application ‘DrawSomething’ to recruit them. By creating a video which spread fast on the internet we reached thousands of potential interns, who applied for the job by  drawing our attention. The best applicants were asked to hand in their portfolio, which resulted in one lucky intern, who got the job.

On 28, Mar 2013 | No Comments | In | By Philia Beroud

Samsung Smart TV Stare Ballte

One thing is for sure when you’re asked to promote the Smart TV: you want it to be a smart campaign. People have been watching television for decades and we wanted to stay true to that fact.

Research had indicated that people didn’t know what a Smart TV (a web connected television) was and hence weren’t interested in buying it.

The ‘Smart TV Stare Battle’ campaign was made to help create understanding for the product. In a custom made YouTube channel where people started at the new SMART TV for hours, they discovered the new features for themselves, in a battle against YouTube sensation Keenan Cahill. Keenan tried to distracted viewers, using the features of the Television to skype them, show them video’s, new movie titles, websites or send chat messages.

The smart eye-tracking device registered eyelid movements via the users’ webcam. You blink, yo lose. Weekly winners of the Benelux and US could win a Samsung Smart TV to enjoy staring at it even longer. Thousands of video’s were directly recorded and shared amongst friends on social networks resulting in hours (two month altogether) of stare time, in which people payed extremely close attention to the product.

On 26, Mar 2013 | No Comments | In | By Philia Beroud

Bosch Relaxx’x TVC, print, online & in-store

Bosch gave us the challenge to create a distinctive European campaign for the introduction of the most quiet vacuum cleaner on the market. The core idea was to ‘Make the invisible visible’ by illustrating the quietness of the vacuum cleaner in every day household situations, using 3D sound wave animations.

The campaign was tested in focus groups and selected as the winning concept of a European pitch in which 6 agencies joined. It ran successfully in multiple countries, including UK, France, Germany, Spain, Russia and The Netherlands. The concept ‘Making the invisible visible’ was translated in television commercials, radio, online, print and instore. The commercial was broadcasted for over a year and is in some countries still active.

Heineken Champions Planet Heineken Champions Planet Heineken Champions Planet Heineken Champions Planet

On 20, Mar 2013 | No Comments | In | By Philia Beroud

Heineken Champions Planet

The campaign was created to involve as many fans of the UEFA Champions League as possible in the world’s largest ever passing game. We made the football the Olympic flame of the Champions League.

To do this we sent a green Champions Planet football that was seen in the Heineken UEFA Commercials on an unique journey through Eurpope. This journey was the road to the final taken literally. A real green ball was placed in Istanbul, and had to be kicked forward by thousands of football fans to arrive in time for the Champions League final in Paris.

The invitation to the consumer was be part of the world’s largest passing match and win tickets to the final.

Unique footage of the kicks was put on the website, effectively creating a human chain of people on the online map of Europe, of all who had participated in the journey. Activating not only offline, but also inviting consumers online to join the match, by giving them the challenge to predicting the next day’s position of the Champions Planet ball on the map to win tickets.


Internet, PR, Tv, guerrilla, In-store, premium


28.500 mensen ‘kicked-it forward’ (EU)
23.500 km in 80 days
Passed hundreds of cities in Europa
Ball was a successful sales premium
Record: the largest ever passing game Europe

Tommy TV Tommy TV Tommy TV Tommy TV Tommy TV Tommy TV

On 19, Mar 2013 | In | By admin

Tommy TV

To create awareness for the Hilfiger Sessions events and increase  the experience of the live events, we brought to live Tommy Hilfiger’s own interactive TV Channel.

Tommy TV was made to inspire and activate consumers with interactive Fashion Art, Music and Entertainment formats online and with live events around the world.

One of the first online TV programs launched on the channel, ‘The Hilfiger Auditions’ is based on scouting new upcoming music talent, and offering them a chance to jam with the world’s greatest artists during the European Hilfiger Sessions events.

Another programme is show casing live recordings of The Hilfiger Sessions events as well as artist interviews and backstage footage.

Visitors of the online channel, can reserve tickets for the live events or mold live recording and SONY BMG footage, to create their own playlists which can be be shared with friends, integrated in social networks or uploaded mobile devices.

Event content was broadcasted in-store and in online to inspire and attract new participants and fans.

On 28, Feb 2013 | No Comments | In | By Philia Beroud

The incredible illusions after sunset in Efteling

This literally was a dream project for the Efteling, the largest theme park in the Netherlands. Efteling caters to both children and adults with its cultural, romantic and nostalgic themes and variety of amusement rides.

For the winter period in which the park is also open late at night, Efteling wanted something special to attract both regular as well as new visitors. We created the Incredible illusions after sunset.

We created three new attractions, using interactive installation and projection mapping to treat visitors with an impressive spectacle and extension of the experience of the main Efteling attractions. In social media, banners, blogs, and print the images of the illusions were used to promote the winter edition with new magical illusions after sunset. A special teaser video was sent out to press, ambassadors and fan sites to invite them the opening night resulting   in extensive media coverage on TV, radio and online. But more importantly visitors loved the new adventures that perfectly enhanced the overall park experience and wanted to come see them sometimes even more than once.

Axe Bom Chicka Wah Wah Axe Bom Chicka Wah Wah Axe Bom Chicka Wah Wah Axe Bom Chicka Wah Wah

On 05, Feb 2013 | No Comments | In | By Philia Beroud

Axe Bom Chicka Wah Wah

The AXE fragrances are improved, due to a better formula and new packaging. Now, AXE has an even stronger effect on girls.
Make sure that boys experience the effect of the improved fragrances and create talkability amongst guys and girls to put the brand top of mind.

Concept Insight: BCWW is a wanted virus

Bom Chicka Wah Wah is name of the phenomenon that occurs when girls smell the improved Axe fragrances. It’s Axe sexual version of tourettes, which made girls go out of their mind. A team of girls spread the viral symptoms in the streets (BCWW city attacks), on TV and on the web. We used the candid camera movies as online teasers to stimulate boys to experience the viral effect of improved AXE themselves with the online clip module.
Using the module, boys could create their own video clips interactively by dropping their favorite BCWW scenes, sounds and yells together. These clips could be sent to friends to pass the viral effect of improved AXE on, to their friends.

Internet, guerrilla, Tv, Print, In-store

500.000 unique online visitors
438 new clips made per day
1988 clip views per day
120.000 extra products sold in 2 weeks time
1 milliard views BCWW Hyves emoticon

Scotch & Soda Collective Scotch & Soda Collective Scotch & Soda Collective Scotch & Soda Collective

On 05, Jan 2012 | No Comments | In | By Philia Beroud

Scotch & Soda Collective

The collective is a project we presented to stimulate brand engagement with Scotch & Soda friends. On the mobile platform we collect new insights, local trends, inspiration for Scotch designers and start inviting challenges with the collective’s ambassadors.
To do this a variety of projects, ranging from a challenge to write copy lines for T-shirts, in store exhibitions to trend spotting are brought to life.
The application offers two tools: the Scotch & Soda snapshot camera and the notebook function. Scotch collectors can capture their input and share it on social networks with friends. 

Every project will have a meaning and unique goal resulting in for example shop window photo expo’s, photography for the brand book, Summer video made with collectors shared on facebook and in store, and many more inspirational, collaborative, and sharable brand initiatives that help to let the relationship with brand friends grow.